Draconic Allegiance: None


Toby is wolf from the groves east of Dracopolis. During Locke’s time studying the ways of druids the two became companions, as is tradition for druids to bond with an animal. Toby eagerly follows Locke to protect him, but grows restless in urban settings. Despite this, he followed Locke to Dracopolis on the fateful Armistice Day when petitioners for the dragon lords were attacked. He rushed alongside Locke, bringing his fearsome teeth and claws to bear while Locke healed his companions. His friend now is in service to the gold dragon, leading to his pursuit of the goblin Snig the Axe. However, the trail led into the sewers, which Toby refused to enter. He instead took to hiding in the slums of Dracopolis’ black dragon district, waiting for Locke’s return. After Locke and his friends returned from their expedition, Toby was found captured by the town guard who mistook him for an ally of Snig’s. Thankfully Locke was able to demonstrate his bond with Toby, and thus prove his innocence. He continues to stand by Locke, even if now the mission is one of mercy toward the goblin.


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