Thuragozz the Damned

Stoic Hellbred


Draconic Allegiance: Silver


Hailing from far-off lands, Thuragozz the Damned is a barbarian with a tortured existence. He lives for the cause of good as a hellbred, a being brought back from the brink of evil deeds to serve good in the world. Many are initially suspicious of him because his appearance is fiendish despite his good intentions. Because of his origins he is cautious about the missions he takes on, for death could mean eternal damnation for him. In his many travels he met up with Irene Nailo and her familiar, Gunter the penguin. With them, he traveled to Dracopolis, curious about the Armistice Day ceremony in which people pledge themselves to dragons. Unexpectedly, he found himself fighting against a savage force that attacked the innocent patrons. He battled within an inch of his life, fearing death, but was brought back to the peak of health by Uxmunthrek, the most trusted among the silver dragon’s companions. Thuragozz already felt a sense of kinship among the silver dragon Chromiruhell and his followers, and chose to ally himself with them. His actions led Irene to do the same. He sought to hunt down the goblin criminal Snig the Axe, and in his search he has had to lay low many foes who stood between his friends and their quarry. However, he showed true fear when faced with a devil who had attempted to offer his newfound friends deals for ending the life of Snig and others who souls he claimed to have hold over. Never finding Snig himself, Thuragozz has since taken off unexpectedly. Even his closest friend, Irene, does not know of his current whereabouts.

He is, by far, one of the toughest warriors among his peers, and his unbridled rage and refusal to stand down even in dire circumstances strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. While impulsive, he is still careful around foes that can prove their strength and potentially send him to his demise.

Thuragozz the Damned

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