Theren Baggers


Draconic Allegiance: None


Theren is a wild elf and the husband of Del Baggers. Together, they sought to live out a new life together and traveled to Dracopolis to attempt to find a new beginning. They inadvertently found themselves swept up in a conflict during Armistice Day, leading them to take up arms against those who had attacked innocents attempting to pledge themselves to the dragon lords. Following Del’s lead, he decided to stay with the group they had allied themselves with, and later assisted them with finding the whereabouts of the goblin Snig the Axe, though he pays the dragon lords no heed. He has been more recently tending to Del through her bouts of sickness, only now finding out that she is with child and processing what this means for him and his wife. Despite her condition, they continue to help adventure with the group who is escorting Snig away from Dracopolis to figure out what exactly is going on between Termina’s factions.

He has learned many skills of subterfuge and uses them to aide his allies. He also isn’t shabby in a fight, taking to using two weapons to thwart his foes. Though roguish in nature, he has a fair and level head when it comes to planning battle strategy and divvying up the spoils afterward.

Theren Baggers

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