Draconic Allegiance: None


Quinn is a half human and half elven warrior, coming from parents who are followers of two different dragons. His father follows the bronze dragon, Vaivictisasmhadi, while his mother follows the green dragon, Rythawakaneer, as is typical of the forestlord elves. Though Quinn had missed the attack that happened during Armistice Day, he came to see the heroes that stopped the incursion, hoping to join them on their glory seeking. However, as he was introducing himself to them he unexpectedly fled at the sight of Irene Nailo. After losing himself in the throng of the crowd, the group has not heard from him since then. It seems now he is following the footsteps of his elven mother and learning about his heritage on that side of the father, but her father holds hope that she may resist serving the green dragon just like Irene has.


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