Draconic Allegiance: None


Mervis is the faithful guard dog of Krakkel, her constant companion in the struggles of surviving the streets of Dracopolis. Due to him also being stronger than the frail kenku, Mervis also serves as a pack animal for her, carrying many of her belongings. She often introduces him to others as her “Belgian hellhound”. Mervis stuck with Krakkel through the events that unfolded on the fated attack during Armistice Day. He stayed by her side as she joined up with the group who helped thwart the attackers. He found himself assisting her with tracking down Snig the Axe, and now helping her defend him instead. Being a fully trained guard dog, Mervis provides the group with a sense of security, and though he doesn’t always listen to Krakkel’s commands, he always tries to do what’s best for protecting his dearest friend.


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