Irene Nailo

Nonconformist Forestlord Elf


Draconic Allegiance: Silver


Irene Nailo is a member of the forestlord elven race, and a battle-hardened sorcerer. Having a significant wanderlust, she has found herself in the strange company of her penguin familiar, Gunter, and her traveling companion, Thuragozz the Damned, whom she affectionately refers to as “T”. Her cheerful personality and compassion to others has served her well in taking in the diverse cultures and races across the continent, and Dracopolis is no exception. She did not expect to be caught up in a conflict against those who attacked innocents during the Armistice Day ceremony. After helping defeat the threat, she followed in Thuragozz’s footsteps and pledged herself to the silver dragon Chromiruhell, believing strongly in his agenda of racial harmony. She is the first forestlord elf ever known to swear herself to a dragon other than the green dragon Rythawakaneer, to whom she owes her draconic bloodline. She later found herself in pursuit of the goblin Snig the Axe alongside her new companions. She subsequently had many dangerous encounters along the way with creatures she hadn’t even seen in her many travels, but now the goblin travels in their company so they have a chance to regroup and assess exactly what they’ve gotten themselves into.

She brings her destructive battle magic to help her allies thwart their enemies. She also is adept socially, making friends easily and keeping those close to her informed of current events and key information.

Irene Nailo

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