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Draconic Allegiance: Silver


Gunter is the familiar of the elven sorcerer Irene Nailo. Irene had encountered Gunter on one of her many travels, and went through the process of bonding him to her as her familiar. Since then, Gunter has always proven a faithful companion to Irene and Thuragozz the Damned. Though he has a child-like curiosity of the world around him, Gunter is always fine with fleeing dangerous situations to keep himself safe and attempt to help Irene from the sidelines. He accompanied her and Thuragozz to Dracopolis during their travels, and found himself along for the ride as they joined others in helping thwart the attackers on a very fateful Armistice Day. Though he fled the battle himself, he was able to sense when Irene was in danger, and helped bring the aide of Uxmunthrek and her silverbrow human companions to her and Thuragozz. He followed the rest of the heroes on their search for Snig the Axe, and is now seeing them through getting him out of Dracopolis (though he still is trying his best to stay out of trouble).


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