Del Baggers


Draconic Allegiance: None


Del is a half-human half-elf who has found love in her wild elf husband, Theren Baggers. Both Del and Theren took themselves into the grand city of Dracopolis to seek out a new life. She found herself in a mix of odd companions, all of whom stood up to the force that attacked on Armistice Day, though she has forgone allying herself with any of the dragon lords. She joined them in the hunt for the goblin criminal Snig the Axe. However, her contributions to the search were scant for a while due to her feeling fatigued and vomiting, which was later revealed to her as a sign of her being pregnant. Now that they have caught up with the goblin in question, she is aiding in friends in helping the wanted criminal out of Dracopolis to help figure out what is going on with the agendas of all the powers that be.

Among her companions, she’s unmatched with her skill with a bow. She is resourceful in her planning and skills that she brings to the table from her experiences as a ranger in the wild, although her nature of being slow to trust has led to varied experiences between her and the locals of the central city.

Del Baggers

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