Arkaydesabbot, the Gold Dragon

Lady of the Keep


Draconic Allegiance: Dragon Lord


Of the many dragon lords, Arkaydesabbot (or Arkay, for short) was the one least inclined to fight during the Draconic Wars. Though she fought when necessary to defend her people, she was most often on the sidelines tending the wounded. She eventually helped bring about the end of the Draconic Wars, offering to write up the Pact of Peace that stated that each dragon lord would be able to hold their ideals to the fullest within their existing domains, but that there would be a neutral meeting ground within the middle of the continent. She continues her mission of peace and healing to this day. She is a devoted follower of Tamara, the draconic goddess of life and forgiveness. She has also erected a structure within her realm known as the Temple of Healing. Her and her followers work there day in and day out to understand the many diseases and afflictions in the world, hoping to eradicate them forever.

Arkaydesabbot’s retinue currently consists of the male dracolyte glimmerskin halfing, Irisvmartivir, the female unicorn, Willamina, her granddaughter, Lumina, who is being fostered by Irisvmartivir, and several other glimmerskin halflings. Her followers tend to be beings who utilize healing magic, seek to help others, or enjoy the peaceful beauty of nature.

Arkaydesabbot, the Gold Dragon

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