Termina Episode 10: Get the Hell Outta Dracopolis

Our heroes underwent some fast negotiation (and redistribution of weapons) with the criminal goblin, Snig, who explained that his gang had been hired out by the growing group of rebels that consisted of races from the Underdark, including the duergar they had already encountered before as well as drow like Locke’s ancestors and many others. It still seemed a mystery who had hired Agnes to assassinate Snig, but the goblin guessed it might have been due to the fact that the group had caused Snig to botch the job the Underdark rebels had hired him for, or, as Krakkel speculated, they may have been trying to tie up loose ends. Regardless, Snig wanted to be somewhere safe, so he and his worg companion, Ingolf, lead the group back into the sewers where they’d first encountered Snig. Amid the chaos of panicked shoppers and fleeing swine, they were all able to escape the notice of the city guards. Snig was devastated at the losses his gang had suffered from their hideout being looted, but Del covered the adventurers’ tracks well, and the goblin did not suspect that his coins were lining their pockets. Everyone agreed that the best course of action was to escort Snig out of the city and regroup somewhere to consider the actions of the rebels, who most likely wanted Snig dead, and the dragons, who wanted Snig alive…for now. Krakkel made up disguises for the two wanted thugs out of the rubbish in their home. Snig and Ingolf started to help the group navigate the sewers so they could reach the edge of the city, but they soon noticed reptilian humanoids stalking them in the shadows. Locke could understand their whispers in Draconic that stated they intended to eat our heroes! Will they be able to escape the clutches of these flesh eaters and escape the city?



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