Termina. The land of dragons. For a long time the continent was rent asunder by the wars of the dragons lords as they vied for power and the spread of their ideals. Fearing that all would be lost in the great dragon wars, the gold dragon, Arkaydesabbot, drew up a peace accord to protect the land and its inhabitants from the ravages of war. All of the dragon lords agreed under the stipulation that they would each have their own territories where their personal rules were law. The small folk of the world were happy to be at peace, and so they began to celebrate a holiday in honor of the pact that led to peace in their world: Armistice Day.

We now find ourselves 1,000 years after the Pact of Peace was brought into effect. There are many people in the land of Termina who have sworn themselves to serve the dragons, tithing off their earnings in exchange for the prestige and benefits of serving under the great wyrms. However, there are many who see the dragons as corrupt leaders who are taking advantage of the other races of the world. During the celebration of Armistice Day this year, an unexpected and violent strike occurred in the Grand Arena, as several duergar launched vials of alchemist’s fire onto the unsuspecting crowd in an effort to terrorize the dragonsworn and usher in a new era of freedom, now from their perceived tyranny of the dragon lords. Our heroes find themselves caught in the middle of these events. What choices will they make, and how will they help shape the course of Termina’s future?