Termina Episode 3: Edict of Wyrms

After defeating the foes that lay before them, our heroes began to unravel more mysteries of their sudden appearance. They found more paintings that they had absconded with, and found a secret door that led into a caved in tunnel that may have originally been their way inside the great arena. They also learned the identity of one of the organizers of the raiding party, Snig the Axe, a renown goblin criminal. They were met once again by direct servants of the dragons, and were invited to the feasting festivities of Armistice Day. Our group had become the talk of the town, earning the respect of many there. Quinn, a local half-elven lad, was particularly interested in the name they had made for themselves, and asked if he could join their adventures. They talked to many of the dragon lords present, learning their intentions of how they want to shape the world, and how they view the other inhabitants of Termina. Who among these creatures will our heroes decide to ally with, if any, and what tasks will they set before them?

Termina Episode 2: Big Things Come in Little Packages

Our heroes continued their frantic search for the dwarven invaders, finding them in the catacombs of the great structure. They were bolstered by goblins, who added their seemingly insurmountable numbers to the fray. The dwarves also displayed their talent for growing in size to that of a giant, truly becoming forces of destruction. Ducking and weaving, our adventurers were able to thwart them at every pass, though they barely escaped with their lives. Along the way they came upon other beings in service to the dragons who exhibited strange powers and features. The group now finds time to rest and lick their wounds, but many questions still remain. What will they unveil next?

Termina Episode 1: Scratchy Dogs

Our heroes were ushered into town on one of the biggest holidays of the whole continent, Armistice Day, where thousands of citizens come to meet the dragon lords and pledge their service to them. Their talks with the townsfolk showed a schism between those who see the dragons a blessing and those who see them as an unfair force who has risen to the top. Our group gathered in a colossal structure to see the ceremony take place. After the dragons had prayed to their gods and declared the feast to begin, the odd sound of unseen armor clanking alerted our heroes to danger. Suddenly, several dwarves were crying out against those who pledged themselves to the dragons, and began to set the halls aflame with vials of a flammable alchemical substance. Our group was in hot pursuit of two of the dwarves, killing one and outsmarting the other, but will they be able to survive the continued onslaught of this rebellious strike force?


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