Bugbear Fence


Draconic Allegiance: None


A regular sight in the goblinoid ghetto, Yark is a bugbear who is all business. She is a go-between for those who steal in Dracopolis, and those who are interested in pushing stolen goods. As such, she has a keen knowledge of the goings-on in the city, though mostly among the goblin populace. However, when one of her acquaintances, Krakkel, needed information on Snig the Axe’s whereabouts, Yark was unaware of his location. Since Snig had made himself an enemy of the dragon lords, it was an association that was too risky, even for someone who works against the grain of the law every day. Ironically, Yark was later conscripted to be part of a jury that oversaw the case of Locke’s animal companion, Toby, in trying to prove that he was not the wolf that had been seen corroborating with Snig. Due to the fact that the case was expedited by the judge due to the fact that it was interfering with direct orders from the dragon lords, the jury was never called upon to give a verdict.


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