Irisvmartivir's Unicorn Cohort


Draconic Allegiance: Gold


Although most unicorns only choose to aide human and elven maidens, Willamina was willing to make an exception to serve the dracolyte Irisvmartivir. She knows a powerful healer when she sees one, having the ability to heal other beings herself, and the halfing showed exceptional talent that she wished to bolster under Arkaydesabbot’s guidance. Like the dragon lord she is sworn to, she is also a follower of the goddess Tamara, seeking to bring the wealth of her healing beyond her typical dragon followers. Willamina still holds a deep connection to her native forest, as any unicorn does, but her time spent with Irisvmartivir has caused her to gain some of the halfling wanderlust. She travels with his caravan whenever possible to heal those in need and give them hope for tomorrow.


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