Vaivictisasmhadi, the Bronze Dragon

Lady of the Isles


Draconic Allegiance: Dragon Lord


A master of the art of warfare, Vaivictisasmhadi (or Vai, for short) fought many great battles in the Draconic War. Many of her tactics involved her and her army’s innate ability to change forms, making combat situations unpredictable for her foes. Though she felt the war she fought was just, she was committed to the greater good of peace when the Pact of Peace was drawn up. To help ensure the safety of all beings in the central city of Dracopolis, Vaivictisasmhadi helped to train the warforged to be guards to defend all. She has also established a large prison on the isle of Yama, the northernmost island in all of Termina, to hold high profile criminals who seek to disrupt the rule of the dragon lords.

Vaivictisasmhadi’s retinue currently consists of a male raccoon dog hengeyokai shaman, her very young bronze dragon daughter, a male naga with his crocodile companion, and several other raccoon dog hengeyokai. Her followers tend to be beings who fight seemingly virtuous wars, can change shape, or try to control crime through justice.

Vaivictisasmhadi, the Bronze Dragon

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