The Silver Dragon's Champion


Draconic Allegiance: Silver


Among her silverbrow human peers, Uxmunthrek stands above them as the only one to have undergone the Rite of Rebirth to become a dragonborn. This fully affirms her as not only a follower of the draconic god Bahamut, but also Chromiruhell, the dragon who seeks to spread Bahamut’s grace in Termina as far as he can. Her given draconic name means “platinum human”, indicating her transformation. Uxmunthrek serves as a platinum knight, a vassal of good dragonkind. She seeks to shelter small folk not unlike herself from the evils of this world, not the least of which are evil dragonkind. After the recent carnage of Armistice Day, Uxmunthrek sought out the heroes Thuragozz the Damned and Irene Nailo, healing their wounds as repayment for helping stop the incursion of the dwarven and goblin forces. Little did she know that they would also soon stand alongside her as devotees to Chromiruhell.


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