Trevarrenu, the White Dragon

Lady of the Frostfell


Draconic Affiliation: Dragon Lord


Few beings have survived as long through hardship as Trevarrenu (or Treva, for short). The harsh environment that birthed her has made her strong over the years. She had no better proving ground for her strength than the Draconic Wars. Trevarrenu was never a brilliant tactician or an inspiring leader. She was a force of nature, ravaging and destroying utterly with her cronies at her side. Her followers and her felt they were settling the score of the unfairness that life in the frozen north had given them, now that the spoils of war were theirs for the taking. Her rage is significantly more tempered since she signed the Pact of Peace, begrudgingly accepting that she cannot overcome a unified front of other dragon lords. Her life is now much more reclusive, but stories spread of her seeking secrets to growing stronger and forming alliances among the downtrodden.

Trevarrenu’s retinue currently consists of a male frostblood orc with psionic abilities who rides a steed made of stone, an immense female white wolf, and several other frostblood orcs. Her followers tend to be beings who brutishly prey upon the weak, train their physical strength, or feel they’ve been cheated at life and deserve better.

Trevarrenu, the White Dragon

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