Snig the Axe

Goblin Crimelord


Draconic Allegiance: None


Goblins, as a whole, are generally looked down upon in Terminan society, and Snig was no exception to that rule. Snig set out to eke out a living as a small time con artist, and soon gained a reputation for his tough demeanor and skills with his axe. Hence, he is now referred to as Snig the Axe. He currently leads a rag-tag gang of goblins within Dracopolis, taking illegal jobs to fill his coffers. His minions were involved in the recent attack on the citizens of Dracopolis during Armistice Day, and his involvement with this insidious act has lead the dragon lords to see him captured for questioning. After his most recent hideout was discovered in the sewers, Snig escaped from a group of adventurers. With most of his gang now dead, he is on the run with little hope for safety.

Snig the Axe

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