Rythawakaneer, the Green Dragon

Lady of the Vasts


Draconic Allegiance: Dragon Lord


Bound to the ideas of the wild, Rythawakaneer (or Ryth, for short) believes that only the strong should survive in this world. She had her chance to help lead the strong among her followers to victory in the Draconic Wars, but when the Pact of Peace was set into motion she no longer was able to shape the world in the way she wished. She still tries to protect wild spaces from the encroachment of civilization, and finds her duties as a dragon lord preposterous. She feels that Dracopolis itself is a blight upon the continent, but at least in her realm the trees can grow as they wish. Her body is adorned with markings carved into her hide, and many speculate she is the leader of a secret order who grows ever stronger through the use of these ritualistic markings.

Rythawakaneer’s retinue currently consists of the male forestlord elf knight, Grovisvarytiss, and his female dragonnel steed, Austratsvern, the symbiotic abomination known as Zotz and her immense viper companion, Hassp, and several other forestlord elves. Her followers tend to be beings who respect the savage aspects of nature, fortify themselves through discipline, or who hate civilization.

Rythawakaneer, the Green Dragon

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