Loexmolik's Cohort


Draconic Allegiance: Black


Coming from a grisly past, Rotbreath is a ghoul in service to Loexmolik. Like other ghouls she subsists on feeding on the flesh of humanoids, living or dead, as she did in her former life. Like many intelligent undead in Termina, she serves the black dragon, helping to spread the influence of the undead over the land. However, she feels torn since she is unable to do much independently of those in a station above her. While she has more freedom than most thralls, she is still at the beck and call of Loexmolik, and she knows that he can command her to do whatever he pleases, including destroying herself. During one of her flesh feedings, Rotbreath happened to meet Krakkel the kenku, who was hoping to partake in the same meal. Krakkel had recognized her from the Armistice Day ceremony, and asked for information on the black dragon’s reactions to the matter. Feeling that she was being pressed for information, Rotbreath promptly left. However, she later intervened when the criminal that all of the dragonsworn were searching for, Snig the Axe, was about to be assassinated by Agnes, a powerful killer within the city. Rotbreath grappled with Agnes to help ensure that Snig was captured alive. Though her efforts helped Snig keep his life, they did not help bring him to the justice of the dragons as the adventurers traveling with him had different plans for the goblin’s future.


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