Pahladiumhors, the Copper Dragon

Lord of the Valley


Draconic Allegiance: Dragon Lord


No dragon lord takes his job less seriously than Pahladiumhors (or Pahl, for short). He is a creature of simple pleasures such as taking in art or a well-made meal. He often likes to pull pranks or tell jokes to his followers, even when they are in need of his assistance. Even during the Draconic Wars he would feed his enemies false information, leading them on wild goose chases and exhausting their resources as they would search diligently for little more than a scroll reading “Gotcha!” Knowing this, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would want to follow such a seemingly buffoonish dragon. Some realize though that underneath his joking facade is a watchful eye. Pahladiumhors is the head of a spy organization of his own devising, utilizing it to keep close tabs on the other dragon lords and their long term plans. Though there is peace in the world now, he doesn’t feel that he should let his guard down. His actions are more beneficial to the small folk of the world than many realize.

Pahladiumhors’ retinue currently consists of the female stonehunter gnome ninja, Irthossjach, the roguish male half-elf, Soverliss Everton, and several other stonehunter gnomes. His followers tend to be beings who are adept at many skills, express themselves artistically, or just have a good sense of humor.

Pahladiumhors, the Copper Dragon

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