Sea Kin Peddler


Draconic Allegiance: None


Among the many sellers of goods trying to become noticed among the artisans of the Copper Dragon’s district, Olma brings a unique flair of the oceans surrounding Termina to her wares. While technically human, Olma is among the sea kin race who bear oily skin and large mouths full of sharp teeth. While shopping for an outfit to stave off the harsh winter cold, Krakkel encountered Olma and decided to try to buy a coat from her. After deciding that an otter coat would be a good fit for her, Krakkel tried to haggle Olma’s price down. Olma explained that business was awful for her, and she couldn’t afford to do so. The kenku quickly demonstrated her musical skill, and played a song to entice customers to Olma’s cart. She even helped Olma come up with a name for her business: Seal of Approval, after her many goods involving seal furs.


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