Nicholbolas, the Brass Dragon

Lord of the Dunes


Draconic Affiliation: Dragon Lord


There is perhaps no dragon more knowledgeable than Nicholbolas (or Nic, for short). He owes it to his founding and stewardship of the Great Draconic Library, which he defended throughout the Draconic Wars. In fact, many of his subjects were frustrated that he would scarcely leave the library to assist with war efforts, but Nicholbolas has always lived by the philosophy that there is no greater treasure than knowledge, and he would not see the library and its ancient texts besieged. To this day, he remains an invaluable resource for those with an academic mindset. He is extremely loquacious, and has been known to bore some with his constant storytelling. Nonetheless, he is the one being closest to cracking how to master extraplanar travel out of Termina to other planes of existence, a phenomenon often explored in minor ways among the magical community, but never with a permanent shift to another plane.

Nicholbolas’ retinue currently consists of a chief female bhuka goblin, a tall female human with her lizard familiar, and several other bhuka goblins. His followers tend to be beings who study magic, take on scholarly pursuits, or are great tellers of tales.

Nicholbolas, the Brass Dragon

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