Necrosipurjern, the Black Dragon

Lady of the Fens


Draconic Affiliation: Dragon Lord


Necrosipurjern (or Necro, for short) was a frightful sight on the battlefields of the Draconic Wars. A master necromancer, her legions would only multiply when living members of any armies were struck down. After the wars were over, many wondered about the fate of the undead in general. Necrosipurjern ensured that intelligent undead were given the same rights as other intelligent beings, while unintelligent undead were put to use as tireless laborers. From this, she has gained ample wealth. She is a minion of Falazure, the draconic god of undeath and decay. There are rumors that she has created a huge necropolis for her and her servants to live in (for those that are indeed living). She teaches the secrets of necromancy to a wide variety of creatures looking to disturb the natural order.

Necrosipurjern’s retinue currently consists of a male rilkan (humanoid with reptilian scales on his arms) with odd mental extensions fused into his body, a ghoul who was probably once a female human, and several skeletons, particularly those of reptiles living in the marshes of her territory. Her followers tend to be beings who petition to become undead themselves to extend their time in this world, seek to learn her secrets of raising the dead, or feel comfortable in decaying surroundings.

Necrosipurjern, the Black Dragon

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