Goblin Goon


Draconic Allegiance: None


A member of Snig the Axe’s goblin gang, Mok held no allegiance to any of the authority of Dracopolis, beyond Snig himself. Mok served his companions well with his stealthiness, and was able to help get the jump on the group of adventurers who invaded Snig’s hideout in the sewers. As his companions died, one by one, Mok was left the last one standing. Krakkel the kenku was able to charm the goblin, despite the carnage around him, and convinced him that he could potentially join them if he demonstrated his skills to them. Mok attempted to aide the group in finding Snig, who had fled the combat, but the goblin was only able to take them to the goblins’ superiors: the duergar who had hired them out. After a brief skirmish with the dwarves, Mok still found himself unable to help in finding Snig. Taking pity on him, and knowing her charm would not last forever, Krakkel decided to reward Mok with a delicious treat for all his hard work. Mok ate the meal rapidly in appreciation, and then left. The look he gave over his shoulder while vanishing suggested that he may have left his first encounter with beings who actually cared about him at all.


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