Warforged Magic Item Vendor


Draconic Allegiance: Brass


Seeking a new purpose after the Draconic Wars, Mender was a warforged who sought to work with magic items. As an accomplished spellcaster, he is able to craft a fairly wide variety of goods, which he peddles in the brass dragon’s magical district of Dracopolis. He gained the attention of Krakkel one day while she was shopping. She had little to no interest in most of his wares, but his well-crafted hat of disguise had caught her attention. Unfortunately, Krakkel had not the means to pay for the magical item. The warforged stated that she could assist him in his work in order to earn the hat from him, and that she would start the next day. However, Krakkel’s path soon diverted as she and the other heroes left Dracopolis with the fugitives Snig the Axe and Ingolf in tow.


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