Irisvmartivir's Foster Dragon


Draconic Allegiance: Gold


Playful and clever, Lumina is part of the great and benevolent bloodline extending from Arkaydesabbot. Specifically, she is the dragon lord’s granddaughter. She is also currently the foster dragon of the dracolyte Irisvmartivir, helping him better understand his connections to dragonkind. In return, the halfing helps satisfy Lumina’s budding curiosity of the world around her. She often travels with him in the guise of a young human girl, helping her gain a candid perspective on dragons when talking with strangers (though more often than not, it is simply to play tricks on others). During the events of the most recent Armistice Day, Locke had discovered a painting of Luminia in the packs of one of the dwarves who had led the attack on the innocent petitioners. Locke offered it freely to Luminia, which she accepted graciously as a gift and a kind gesture.


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