Draconic Allegiance: Gold


Locke is an oddity among his background. A child of drow and human parents, Locke finds himself estranged from most around him, including his own family. Though he has learned some slight-of-hand tactics from his mother, an infamous human assassin, he has mostly taken up the mantle of being a druid seeking peace with the natural world which is in line with his quiet and calm nature. The grove in which he trained and gained the companionship of his wolf, Toby, is not far from the city of Dracopolis. Curious as to why others would ally themselves with the dragons, he went to the city on Armistice Day, a day where many pledge themselves to the service of such creatures. He did not expect an attack on the innocents at the ceremony, and he helped a small band of adventurers stop these malicious forces before joining them as an ally. He chose that day to align himself with the gold dragon Arkaydesabbot, knowing he would be valued among her followers for his healing abilities. He was on the trail of the goblin criminal Snig the Axe, and as his encounters in the city became more dangerous, his vigil over his allies became more staunch. He had to help save Snig from his own mother, and he now finds himself torn between trying to discover the story behind why his mother was sent to assassinate the goblin.

Though valued most by his newfound friends as a healer, he lends his knowledge of the natural world, the fighting strength of his animal companion, and the benefits of his other druidic spells to aide their causes. He is expanding his knowledge and tools of healing thanks to the tutelage of Irisvmartivir, the renown halfling healer.


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