Draconic Allegiance: Copper


Krakkel is a streetwise kenku who has come to know the city of Dracopolis well during her stay there. She is a survivor, taking what she needs to survive from the city. After all, nobody else was going to eat those corpses, right? She travels with Mervis, her faithful guard dog and pack animal. Together they watched the events unfold as the Grand Coliseum was attacked on Armistice Day. They rushed to the aide of the kind strangers they had been watching, aiding them in their battle. Though hesitant to ally herself with a dragon, she eventually pledged herself with the copper dragon Pahladiumhors. She hunted Snig the Axe through the city of Dracopolis. She has now had more brushes with rough characters than she would hope for, but her deft maneuvers and tendency to fight at a distance keep her out of harm’s way. She has helped disguise Snig and his companion, Ingolf, making it easier for our heroes to take them to safety and figure out what is going on in the land of Termina.

Though her quick wit and mocking nature often lead her into trouble, her knowledge, magic, and ability to aide her allies makes her a trusted friend of the group. Most of her magic has beneficial effects or mind-altering effects that she uses to charm others rather than hurt them.
She also uses her powers of bardic music to inspire courage in her friends whenever she’s not trying to use it to earn a coin or two.


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