The Gold Dragon's Champion


Draconic Allegiance: Gold


As one of the most powerful glimmerskin halfling healers in the land, Irisvmartivir was a natural choice for being the champion of the gold dragon, Arkaydesabbot. The draconic name he was given for taking this position means “heal peace”, showing his devotion to the gold dragon’s ideals. He has devoted his time in her service to take on the task of being a dracolyte, a divine follower of a good dragon. As part of his responsibilities, he is now fostering Arkaydesabbot’s granddaughter, Luminia. When he is not on specific missions related to his newfound status, he tries as often as he can to take his halfling family’s wagons on the road in search of travelers in need of aide. He knows the world is a dangerous place, and there will always be a need for his healing hands to tend someone’s wounds. He has helped another of the gold dragon’s fold, Locke, in learning the benefits of healing others. He had even helped diagnose the mysterious illness that had befallen Locke’s companion Del, though it turned out that she was simply pregnant.


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