Snig's Worg Companion


Draconic Allegiance: None


Though not a goblin himself, Ingolf was a trusted member of Snig the Axe’s goblin gang. Like many worgs before him, he allied himself with the goblins both to serve as a guard for them and to benefit from the profits they made from their criminal activities. When Snig’s sewer hideout had been raided, Ingolf fled with Snig into the city proper. When authorities were on the lookout for a wolf-like creature along with the goblin, it lead to the unfair arrest of Locke’s animal companion, Toby. Eventually, Locke and his companions found Snig and Ingolf in hiding, but they offered to talk things through with both of them to get to the bottom of why Locke’s mother Agnes was being sent to kill them. During negotiations, Agnes had caught up with them and attacked, sending Snig, Ingolf, and the adventurers fleeing. After regrouping, all of them decided it would be best to flee the city. Krakkel disguised Ingolf as a donkey using scraps found in the sewers. After they escaped the city undetected, the entire party chose to cross the Titus River and reach the Withered Woods.


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