Goran Višnjić

Gnoll Performer


Draconic Allegiance: None


An old friend of Krakkel’s, Goran is a former gnoll circus performer from the same troupe as the kenku. His athletic physique made him an ideal performer for acrobatics and juggling, but his other duties included being a bouncer if things got too rough among the customers. He was also known for his ability to read a crowd and gain gossip from each region the circus would visit. While the same circus still tours through Termina, Goran left it at the same time as Krakkel. He tried his hand at getting work in Dracopolis, but couldn’t find anyone in need of his talents. Down on his luck and fearful of the events of the latest Armistice Day, Goran sought passage on Captain Toshi’s ship across the Titus River to reach the Withered Woods. He hopes to reconnect with other gnolls living there, as he hasn’t lived among his kind before. He didn’t expect to run into his old kenku friend again, as well as her new entourage. Goran warned Krakkel that there would be a strong orc presence in the Withered Woods that she should be mindful of.

Goran Višnjić

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