Human Blacksmith


Draconic Allegiance: Bronze


Edward is the human father of Quinn, and a respectable blacksmith who makes his trade in Dracopolis. A follower of the bronze dragon, Edward has always had a passion for the crafting of weapons and armor and seeing them used responsibly in battles of noble cause. He helped instill an understanding of the art of war in Quinn and how he could handle himself in the heat of battle. He has more recently seen his son go off with his elven mother to understand the ways of the other side of his parentage. He worries about his son falling in line with the green dragon, as he has not yet taken on a dragon patron. However, seeing another forestlord elf, Irene, who swore herself to a dragon other than the green dragon, Edward was given hope that his son may also one day buck the traditions of his bloodline. He has simply asked that she may help Quinn with thinking for himself, should the two ever run into each other.


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