Dromarbhaneesh, the Blue Dragon

Lord of the Waste


Draconic Allegiance: Dragon Lord


None of the dragon lords believes more in the power of dragonkind itself than Dromarbhaneesh (or Dromar, for short). He sees dragons as superior to all other creatures, with those that at least have traces of draconic blood being the next most respectable over the majority of the small folk of Termina. During the Draconic Wars, he sought to rid the world of those without a draconic heritage, though this inevitably brought him into clashes with some of his fellow dragons who defended such beings. Despite this, the Pact of Peace was seen as a boon to Dromarbhaneesh because it would allow the ten dragon lords to be in a position of power, and he could still do as he wished within his own territory. Though non-dragons are not unheard of living in The Waste, they live in constant fear of Dromarbhaneesh and his raiding parties, wondering when death will come on swift wings. He is also a devoted follower of Tiamat, the draconic goddess of evil dragonkind, and he seeks to further her agenda by any means necessary. Dromarbhaneesh is also the primary overseer of banking within Dracopolis, an enterprise he relishes both for the chance to pad his hoard and to punish debtors who are unable to make their payments.

Dromarbhaneesh’s retinue currently consists of a female desert kobold spellcaster, a male draconic salt mephit and his toad familiar, and several other desert kobolds. His followers tend to be beings who see dragons as the absolute authority, wish to have sorcerous power bestowed upon them, or have a knack for lucrative ventures.

Dromarbhaneesh, the Blue Dragon

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