Darigaazignitus, the Red Dragon

Lord of the Peaks


Draconic Allegiance: Dragon Lord


Darigaazignitus (or Dari, for short) was the last dragon to sign the Pact of Peace to end the Draconic Wars. He had boasted at the time that it was not due to fear of the other dragons that he signed the accord, but rather that it suited his needs for the time being, and he has carried on this confidence in his affairs since that day. Besides being incredibly powerful as a combatant, Darigaazignitus is also known for his love of treasure and opulence, which he has retained greatly after the Draconic Wars. He is selective about the company he keeps, and no one fully understands his machinations that may be in place. He was known to keep slaves during the Draconic Wars, and it is likely this practice continues within his realm though it is outlawed in Dracopolis.

Darigaazignitus’ retinue currently consists of a female fireblood dwarf with a glowing brand of a red dragon above her heart, a female githyanki (tall, pale humanoids from the Astral Plane), and several other fireblood dwarves. His followers tend to be beings who dominate others, enjoy material goods, or seek power at any cost.

Darigaazignitus, the Red Dragon

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