Chromiruhell, the Silver Dragon

Lord of the Mists


Draconic Allegiance: Dragon Lord


Champion of the small folk of the continent, Chromiruhell (or Chromi, for short) wanted peace perhaps more than any other dragon during the time of the Draconic Wars. He realized as the conflicts continued that more and more races were being swept up into the conflicts, and he feared that lesser beings may go completely extinct, all for the ideals of the dragons they served. Thus, after the Pact of Peace was written up, Chromiruhell thought it would finally be a chance for his inclusive philosophy to thrive. Indeed, many beings that are shunned by society due to the belief that they are inherently violent, primitive, or evil seek out Chromiruhell’s assistance in establishing themselves. This leads him to be very busy in Dracopolis’ embassy, which helps bring representatives from many races together to exchange ideas and better understand one another’s cultures. As a devotee of Bahamut, Chromiruhell considers himself a representative of all benevolent dragonkind, and helps other non-dragons undergo the transformation into becoming a dragonborn, known as the Rite of Rebirth, if they so wish.

Chromiruhell’s retinue currently consists of the female dragonborn, Uxmunthrek, the male lammasu, Sargon, and several silverbrow humans. His followers tend to be beings who are members of misunderstood races, seek harmony among all races, or have a strong sense of fairness.

Chromiruhell, the Silver Dragon

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