Infamous Assassin


Draconic Allegiance: None


Working in the shadows, Agnes is a renown killer in Dracopolis’ underbelly. She is also the mother of Locke, who she had seen much promise in even at a young age. Though Locke had left to pick up the studies of becoming a druid quite some time ago, Agnes continued her practice and hoped to encourage Locke to learn the ways of being a paid murderer. She became even more skeptical of her son when he assigned himself to the gold dragon, since she herself remains a free agent to carry out jobs for the highest bidder. She soon found herself at odds with her son and his new group of friends when they tried to talk through things with Snig the Axe whom Agnes had an assignment to assassinate. She lashed out at Del with one of her returning daggers, and Locke lashed back out at her in kind with his magic. Though Agnes seemed intent on causing the group harm, she was held back by the black dragon’s ghoulish servant, Rotbreath. The undead being gave the adventurers time to flee with Snig in tow. Agnes’ current fate is unknown, but it is likely that she will still want Snig dead to fulfill her contract.


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