Termina Episode 9: Negotiating with Terrorists

Despite Del and Theren’s encounters in the brass dragon’s district, Irene and Thuragozz decided to shop for potions, and Krakkel and Locke decided to shop for magical items. Locke was able to obtain some spell components from a dragon vendor, but Krakkel was on the look for something flashier. She tested out some items in a corner of the market run by a warforged wizard, but found most of them to be too expensive. The warforged, named Mender, told Krakkel that she could try to work for him to pay off an expensive magic item that caught her attention: a hat of disguise! Krakkel and Locke returned to the common marketplace to regroup, while Irene and Thuragozz stayed to look out for Snig. However, the rest of the party was able to find him after some careful searching of the market’s alleyways. Krakkel and Theren attempted to sneak up on Snig and his wolflike companion, but their senses were too sharp. The two also soon discovered that Del had a bow trained on them (much to the alarm of the marketplace patrons) and Locke was sneaking around a corner with Toby in tow. Soon tense negotiations began, with everyone slinking into the alleyway and dropping their weapons. Just as everyone had arrived to talk out an agreement, Del noticed Agnes the assassin hiding in the shadows! Agnes hurled one of her returning daggers at Del, and soon our heroes found themselves facing a far greater threat who was out for blood. The group tried what they could to stall Agnes, whether with words, force, or magic, but she proved resolute. Finally, a strange intervention on the part of Rotbreath gave them the window they needed as the ghoul grappled with the highly trained killer. Krakkel led the others through a livestock pen, which caused the frightened pigs to fill the streets. Snig agreed to converse with the group behind a feed store a little ways away. Will an agreement be reached before Agnes can have her revenge?



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