Termina Episode 8: Antiques Roadshow

While Irene was informing Chromiruhell about the current status of their investigation, Del, Theren, and Locke decided to meet with the other adventurers to regroup and resupply themselves. Locke had a run-in with his mother, Agnes, who said she was also on the trail of Snig the Axe, though her plans were to assassinate him rather than take him alive. She tried to convince her son to help her take on the job, and Locke tried to persuade her to help him capture the goblin, but in the end they found themselves at odds and in a race to find the wanted criminal. Krakkel, meanwhile, had a run-in with one of the black dragon’s court: the ghoul known as Rotbreath. After the conversation shifted from eating flesh to the on-going investigation, Rotbreath decided to leave, thinking that Krakkel was trying to squeeze her for information to give to Pahladiumhors. After regrouping, our heroes decided to sell off some of the loot they had found. Krakkel was able to determine the hot spots for selling their goods, and she chose to take all of the jewelry to the copper dragon’s district (though not until she had tried a short performance with Mervis wearing the fancy jester’s outfit they had acquired). Irene was able to sell off the armor and weapons they had taken from the goblins to Edward, the father of Quinn. Edward had just said his farewells to his beloved son, and asked Irene to keep an eye out for Quinn and to let him know that there were alternatives to following the code of the green dragon after seeing that Irene herself had worked against that stereotype. Del and Theren found themselves looking for a bag of holding to help them carry their growing bundle of loot, and they happened upon a strange creature in an alleyway of the brass dragon’s district that was offering one at an extremely low price. However, they still didn’t have enough money between them to afford it, so the two took to trying to steal something valuable from the local magic peddlers. Del kept distracting the sellers while Theren attempted to steal valuable goods from their tables, but their one successful attempt lead to the mage in question charming Del into following him after he had heard of her being with child. Theren confronted the mage, and after a brief skirmish had sent him teleporting away. The group is still looking to pad their wares to help them on the hunt for Snig, but will they be able to reach him in time?



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