Termina Episode 7: Law and Order

Though one duergar had evaded our brave heroes by turning himself invisible, Irene was cleverly able to blast him with the use of a burning hands spell, causing him to reveal himself as he was bleeding out. The group considered letting the dwarf live to obtain information from him, but they were quickly met with a request to kill the dwarf from an imp that had been hidden in the shadows beyond. The imp claimed it had a hold on the souls of the duergar and Snig the Axe, and tried to make arrangements to see them all killed in exchange for anything our adventurers’ hearts desired. All refused the devil’s offer, causing it to exit. They restored the duergar to life and questioned the motives of their kind and the goblins they had hired out. The dwarf explained that they were part of an underground resistance, trying to fight off supporters of the dragons and hopefully one day the dragons themselves in an attempt to overturn what they perceived as their tyranny over the land. Our heroes suggested that the dwarves find more peaceful means to gain followers, and as the dwarf exited he warned them to be wary of the treachery of the dragons. The group departed, Locke wishing to find Toby, and Krakkel seeing if Mok could still potentially lead them to Snig’s location. While searching in the marketplace, they ran into Agnes, Locke’s mother. She warned Locke that it appeared that his wolf companion had been taken by guards for processing in the judiciary district, and that on top of that there was a bird with a message for him at the window of his old room. With time passing quickly, Krakkel decided to let Mok the goblin go, rewarding him with a meaty snack for his help. The group set off to look for Toby, and Thuragozz spotted him being lead by warforged guards. The guards explained they were looking for a wolf-like creature who was Snig the Axe’s companion, and that they would have to make their case in court to prove that neither the animal or they were involved in Snig’s crime ring. They were tried before a gold dragon judge and a varied jury, and after Locke was able to prove his druidic bond with his animal companion they were allowed to go free. Most of the group then turned in for the night after the long, hard day, but Locke had other business to attend to. He found the message the bird had brought him was from his druid mentor, asking for help in the forest east of Dracopolis. Locke then decided to investigate the continued illness that was bothering Del by taking her to see the healer Irisvmartivir. The gold dragon’s champion quickly tended to Toby’s wounds, but seemed amiss as to what was wrong with Del. He finally took Locke aside and explained that Del’s sickness was nothing that could be magically cured, for she was with child. Locke explained this much to Del and Theren’s dismay as they turned in for the night. The next morning began with Irene informing Chromiruhell about the news they had learned of the underground rebellion against the dragons. With Snig still at large, our heroes must regroup, but what new strategy will they use to try and bring the goblin to justice?



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