Termina Episode 6: In Which Irene and Locke Say "Blaze It!"

Our fearless adventurers stood undaunted by the goblins they were beset upon, despite suffering their fare share of abuse. Eventually, our heroes whittled their numbers down to a single combatant. Krakkel cleverly decided to try and magically charm the goblin, making him think that they were his allies despite having just slaughtered his former partners in crime. The party had noticed that a goblin wielding a large axe, most likely Snig, had departed at the start of the battle, so Krakkel pressed the goblin she had charmed, Mok, for information (as well as his weapons…and made him wear Toby‘s dog collar to boot). Mok was unsure, but knew of some of Snig’s potential places to flee to. During the discussion, Del had become mysteriously ill with nausea. Theren insisted that it must be the sewers, but Del insisted that it was something else. Locke escorted them both back to his apartments while Thuragozz, Irene, and Gunter stockpiled the loot from the expedition. They reconvened with Krakkel, who convinced Mok to lead the party to the boss above Snig the Axe who was giving the goblins their orders. Mok led them into a hidden alleyway in the goblinoid ghetto which led down a dark cavern. Only Locke was able to see what lay ahead: more duergars, the same dwarves who had caused the attack during Armistice Day just yesterday! Before our heroes could think of a clever way to dissuade them, the dwarves attacked Mok’s apparent captors. Though they have killed one of the duergar, the other one has turned invisible. What will the party do now?



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