Termina Episode 4: Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Our companions Thuragozz the Damned and Irene had finally come to after their close brush with death. They were healed by the charges of the silver dragon, and were quickly informed that the feast ceremony was still in progress. Our heroes were the main focus of many of the commoners, all of them wondering if they would pledge themselves to a dragon lord. Before the end of the night, Thuragozz and Irene had both sworn themselves to the silver dragon, Locke the gold, and Krakkel the copper. Their new hosts asked them to bring back the infamous Snig the Axe alive. Theren and Del were more than willing to assist their comrades, though Quinn had become notably absent after Irene’s appearance. They decided that night to try and find some leads on the whereabouts of the goblin, but the goblinoid ghetto yielded no answers. Del and Locke ventured to the Grand Arena to see if they could find any traces of Snig’s company to lead themselves to his current whereabouts, but found themselves locked out. Krakkel, Thuragozz, Irene, and Theren took to the slums, but the weather had proven too harsh for most of our group. Theren alone was able to withstand the weather and discover a manhole in which a goblin had sneaked into the sewers. After marking the area, he went to regroup with the others at the arena. What secrets lie ahead in the sewers for our heroes, and what treasures will the dragons choose to impart on their new charges in a week’s time?



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