Termina Episode 11: Winter Carol

Our heroes were soon joined by Irene and Gunter before having to confront their troglodyte foes. Despite the overwhelming smells of the sewer and the gross secretions of the troglodytes themselves, the adventurers prevailed by felling two of the troglodytes and charming the third, who Krakkel named “Carol”. Carol aided her newfound friends in escaping the sewers on the eastern edge of the city after Irene was brought up to speed with their plans with the fugitives. Irene had informed the group that Thuragozz had disappeared while they were shopping for potions, but she held hope that he would be able to find them in the future. Thanks to the excellent disguising of both Snig and Ingolf, the group was able to leave the city undisturbed by the guards. As night started to fall, they made their way to the River Titus to seek passage across to the Withered Woods. They saw two vessels, a large boat belonging to a drake who was aligned with the red dragon being loaded with cargo by a crew of dwarves, and a smaller passenger boat captained by a kappa. Wanting to avoid any entanglements with the red dragon, the group tried to negotiate the high price of passage on the smaller ship. The captain, Toshi, only offered a discount for Krakkel who demonstrated her skill with ropes. Another option arose in the form of a large aquatic dragon who offered the heroes a fast trip: mere hours as opposed to days of travel. When asked about price the dragon felt the travelers were down on their luck and offered to transport them for free. The group, however, felt that the offer was too suspicious and went with the smaller passenger vessel. While traveling, Krakkel ran into her old gnoll friend Goran. Goran had tried his luck with work in the city of Dracopolis, but his old trade as a circus performer and bouncer was seemingly not needed. He sought to find more of his own people in the Withered Woods, but he warned his old friend that there is a strong orc presence in the area. The next day many of the party rested, but Del did some investigating. She discovered many were fleeing Dracopolis due to fear over their safety, but one suspicious dwarf-like creature appeared to brush away the issue. He was identified as a derro, one of the races of the Underdark that may be part of the rebel force that attacked on Armistice Day, though they’re more known for capturing and torturing others in their mad mindset rather than cooperating with others. As midday approached, the group heard the captain shout for someone who was found overboard. Who could be waiting for them in the Titus River?



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