Termina Episode 14: Chariots of Fire

Our heroes decided to decipher the glyphs on the walls further to determine their next move. Finding the symbols for “eye priest”, the group thought they may be able to thwart the leader of the orcs and bring an end to their raiding ways. Locke was granted the power of invisibility temporarily by Irene, which allowed him to find what laid ahead: two orc guards and the orc priest, who had heard commotion from beyond their chambers and planned to set up an ambush. Knowing that they would need illumination to aid them, Krakkel decided to lead the rest of the group down a hallway and throw her illuminated waterskin toward the orcs to help them see. However, everyone started to engage before she could follow through with her plan, leaving her to just illuminate from within the front lines of the combat. Locke summoned a crocodile to assist in fighting the orcs, and Irene blasted down foes with magical evocations. Michaela attempted to fight against the orcs as well, but her sword never swung true to its targets. Even with the orc priest able to protect himself with magic and make one of his guards magically larger, the adventurers were able to defeat them. Michaela decided to stay in the chamber and alter it from a site for blood sacrifices to orc gods to a small shrine to Heironeous. She also offered to keep watch over the newly freed dragon and owl until everyone was ready to make a safe exit.

Irene, Krakkel, and Locke all retraced their steps until they were near the area they knew was indicated by symbols for “spawn”. Locke had already seen orcs inside the room before, and he was able to confirm again that there was a large number of them in that room, alongside all the timber they’d plundered. Though he had difficulty in determining their sex, Locke did see children among these orcs and saw that most of them wore little more than tattered clothing. Krakkel devised a plan to try to sway the orcs in the room, figuring they were all the females of the tribe. Knowing that orc females normally are oppressed by their men, she disguised herself, Irene, and Locke as orcs with glowing halos of light. Though the orc women were skeptical when they first saw the group, they realized that they did have the strength enough to take down their priest. However, they knew their chief still lay in the chambers beyond their room, and they would not fully take to this new order of female empowerment until their chief was dead by our group’s hands. The orc women and children then went out of the caves to pretend to harvest more firewood, waiting to see if their fates would change forever because of these new “gods” and “angels” they saw before them. Our heroes now brace themselves for the battle ahead. Will they finally be able to bring an end to the chief of this tribe and help save both the Withered Woods and the oppressed orcs?

Termina Episode 13: Second Meat

Locke and Irene remained determined to continue their reconnaissance despite being assailed by the birds of prey. Locke cast a spell to camouflage the both of them so they could investigate the cave ahead of them. They slowly shifted through the tall grass, the sounds of them passing attracting the attention of two nearby orcs in a tent. However, the orcs seemed completely unaware of where they were, so the pair pressed on. They spied what they suspected to be a trap at the entrance of the cave, and after circumventing it they found the cave walls to be covered with strange symbols. Unable to decipher them, they braved the paths laid ahead of them. They found large chasm, a large room teeming with idle orcs, an underground pool, and another hallway that lead off into a turn. They decided at that point to sneak back out and regroup.

Joined by Micheala, Ann, Gunter, and Toby, the adventurers returned to the glen to enlist Krakkel’s language skills. They decided that all of their creature companions could stay at camp to keep their numbers small and sneaky. They also slept through the night to try and catch the orcs unaware in the morning, outside of their normal activity cycle. Locke, Irene, Micheala, and Krakkel all traveled back to the encampment to sneak inside. Locke again used his magic to help everyone blend into the scenery before they set foot into the field. The same orcs came out of their tent, but were again flustered by not being able to find the source of the sound. The small group moved into the cave, and Krakkel examined the symbols, not recognizing them as orcish script. She tried her bardic magic to translate them too, but to no avail. Suddenly the two orcs came snooping inside of the cave, and the group saw a parchment in one of their pockets with a guide to the symbols. Krakkel was able to telekinetically push the parchment away, and Irene soon dispatched both orcs with a swath of fire.

Using the guide they determined that the chasm and pool were labeled fairly appropriately, but the room of idle orcs implied there were young orcs there, and the hallway lead to an area with “second meat”…intelligent beings that the orcs would potentially eat. Knowing there could be prisoners, the group chose to come to their aid. There they found two orc guards chuckling to themselves as they chucked rocks at two white furred bear-like humanoids of muscular build, and in another cage an owl and a cat-sized dragon. Irene once again engulfed the orcs in flames. The locks to the captives’ cages proved harder to deal with, but with Locke using magic to turn into an earth elemental and Krakkel finding the locks’ weak points they were finally able to free them.

Krakkel, still keeping herself hidden, negotiated with the two humanoids, which she determined were quaggoths, in the guise of her magically illuminated waterskin about how they felt about drow, knowing they were typically kept as slaves. The quaggoths revealed that they hated the drow, and now the orcs who had raided this cave system that was once a shrine to the drow goddess Lolth. Micheala informed the rest of the party about the cruelty of Lolth and how it influenced many drow. The quaggoths both departed, simply wanting their freedom. The dragon was most thankful to the liberators, explaining he was originally on a scouting mission issued by the copper dragon, with whom he shared a mutual heritage. Locke used his drudic magic to speak to the owl, who in its frightened state decided to stay with them. Now they are still faced with the quandary of navigating the cave further. How will they find the orc chieftan and sever the head of this gruesome gang of raiders?

Termina Episode 12: Dead of Knight

Our group found a female human paladin and her trusty steed stranded on a rock in the middle of the TItus River. After some fast negotiations, the captain anchored the vessel, and our heroes helped pull the two out of their predicament. She gave her name as Michaela and her horse Ann. She willingly parted with her stocks of trail rations with the adventurers, helping stave off their hunger (save for Del who was racked with more sickness from her pregnancy) as the boat drew near the Withered Woods.

As the ship docked it was already nightfall, and the crew withdrew to the inside of the vessel and closed it up, fearing what could be lurking in the woods at night. Michaela decided to join the quest that our group had set themselves on, deeming it to be noble. Locke was able to find sufficient shelter in the woods in a small cave. Irene and Theren chose to watch the camp in shifts since their elven trances would only take them each four hours while the other adventurers would need eight hours of sleep. Theren heard noises during his shift, and quickly woke the others. Michaela determined there was an evil presence, and Irene detected that there was magic among the interlopers. They were soon set upon by orcs alongside a krenshar, a strange predatory creature that attempted to scare the party by peeling the skin off of its face. Michaela helped her new friends keep their resolve, and they battled the creature and the band of orcs until they were all killed. Irene discovered that the source of the magical signal was a wand which she kept for later use.

The next day, Locke continued to lead them through the woods until finally stumbling upon Dapplebark, his treant mentor in the ways of the druidic practice. She was meditating with her dire bat animal companion, Moonleaf. She began to warn the group about the orcs that had been scavenging the nearby area, until Locke informed her that they had just disposed of them. Dapplebark was somewhat torn about the news, for she hated the orcs in the forest for their overharvesting of lumber, but still respected them as living beings. She decided it would be best to gift the group with armor from a nearby elven settlement that would serve to protect them against any further attacks, but she knew she would need them to defend her grove while she traveled. Our heroes agreed to protect Dapplebark’s grove and wait for her return.

Goran soon pointed out to Krakkel that there were markings in the nearby trees, which Michaela identified as the marks indicating an orcish god. Goran knew there was a stronghold in the Withered Woods where the orcs were operating out of. While many in the party chose to stay in the grove and keep it safe, Irene, Locke, and Michaela decided to investigate the symbols further. They followed the marked trees until they came upon a series of tents outside of the mouth of a large cave. Irene used her treewalk ability to shift into a tree within the camp, but she was spotted by a pair of blood hawks who began to attack her relentlessly and cause her to bleed. Locke was able to summon a dire hawk to dispose of one, but Irene had to strike the other one down with her magic. Locke has patched Irene’s wounds, but what will they discover in the camp? Will they be able to find the orc chieftan as they hope?

Termina Episode 11: Winter Carol

Our heroes were soon joined by Irene and Gunter before having to confront their troglodyte foes. Despite the overwhelming smells of the sewer and the gross secretions of the troglodytes themselves, the adventurers prevailed by felling two of the troglodytes and charming the third, who Krakkel named “Carol”. Carol aided her newfound friends in escaping the sewers on the eastern edge of the city after Irene was brought up to speed with their plans with the fugitives. Irene had informed the group that Thuragozz had disappeared while they were shopping for potions, but she held hope that he would be able to find them in the future. Thanks to the excellent disguising of both Snig and Ingolf, the group was able to leave the city undisturbed by the guards. As night started to fall, they made their way to the River Titus to seek passage across to the Withered Woods. They saw two vessels, a large boat belonging to a drake who was aligned with the red dragon being loaded with cargo by a crew of dwarves, and a smaller passenger boat captained by a kappa. Wanting to avoid any entanglements with the red dragon, the group tried to negotiate the high price of passage on the smaller ship. The captain, Toshi, only offered a discount for Krakkel who demonstrated her skill with ropes. Another option arose in the form of a large aquatic dragon who offered the heroes a fast trip: mere hours as opposed to days of travel. When asked about price the dragon felt the travelers were down on their luck and offered to transport them for free. The group, however, felt that the offer was too suspicious and went with the smaller passenger vessel. While traveling, Krakkel ran into her old gnoll friend Goran. Goran had tried his luck with work in the city of Dracopolis, but his old trade as a circus performer and bouncer was seemingly not needed. He sought to find more of his own people in the Withered Woods, but he warned his old friend that there is a strong orc presence in the area. The next day many of the party rested, but Del did some investigating. She discovered many were fleeing Dracopolis due to fear over their safety, but one suspicious dwarf-like creature appeared to brush away the issue. He was identified as a derro, one of the races of the Underdark that may be part of the rebel force that attacked on Armistice Day, though they’re more known for capturing and torturing others in their mad mindset rather than cooperating with others. As midday approached, the group heard the captain shout for someone who was found overboard. Who could be waiting for them in the Titus River?

Termina Episode 10: Get the Hell Outta Dracopolis

Our heroes underwent some fast negotiation (and redistribution of weapons) with the criminal goblin, Snig, who explained that his gang had been hired out by the growing group of rebels that consisted of races from the Underdark, including the duergar they had already encountered before as well as drow like Locke’s ancestors and many others. It still seemed a mystery who had hired Agnes to assassinate Snig, but the goblin guessed it might have been due to the fact that the group had caused Snig to botch the job the Underdark rebels had hired him for, or, as Krakkel speculated, they may have been trying to tie up loose ends. Regardless, Snig wanted to be somewhere safe, so he and his worg companion, Ingolf, lead the group back into the sewers where they’d first encountered Snig. Amid the chaos of panicked shoppers and fleeing swine, they were all able to escape the notice of the city guards. Snig was devastated at the losses his gang had suffered from their hideout being looted, but Del covered the adventurers’ tracks well, and the goblin did not suspect that his coins were lining their pockets. Everyone agreed that the best course of action was to escort Snig out of the city and regroup somewhere to consider the actions of the rebels, who most likely wanted Snig dead, and the dragons, who wanted Snig alive…for now. Krakkel made up disguises for the two wanted thugs out of the rubbish in their home. Snig and Ingolf started to help the group navigate the sewers so they could reach the edge of the city, but they soon noticed reptilian humanoids stalking them in the shadows. Locke could understand their whispers in Draconic that stated they intended to eat our heroes! Will they be able to escape the clutches of these flesh eaters and escape the city?

Termina Episode 9: Negotiating with Terrorists

Despite Del and Theren’s encounters in the brass dragon’s district, Irene and Thuragozz decided to shop for potions, and Krakkel and Locke decided to shop for magical items. Locke was able to obtain some spell components from a dragon vendor, but Krakkel was on the look for something flashier. She tested out some items in a corner of the market run by a warforged wizard, but found most of them to be too expensive. The warforged, named Mender, told Krakkel that she could try to work for him to pay off an expensive magic item that caught her attention: a hat of disguise! Krakkel and Locke returned to the common marketplace to regroup, while Irene and Thuragozz stayed to look out for Snig. However, the rest of the party was able to find him after some careful searching of the market’s alleyways. Krakkel and Theren attempted to sneak up on Snig and his wolflike companion, but their senses were too sharp. The two also soon discovered that Del had a bow trained on them (much to the alarm of the marketplace patrons) and Locke was sneaking around a corner with Toby in tow. Soon tense negotiations began, with everyone slinking into the alleyway and dropping their weapons. Just as everyone had arrived to talk out an agreement, Del noticed Agnes the assassin hiding in the shadows! Agnes hurled one of her returning daggers at Del, and soon our heroes found themselves facing a far greater threat who was out for blood. The group tried what they could to stall Agnes, whether with words, force, or magic, but she proved resolute. Finally, a strange intervention on the part of Rotbreath gave them the window they needed as the ghoul grappled with the highly trained killer. Krakkel led the others through a livestock pen, which caused the frightened pigs to fill the streets. Snig agreed to converse with the group behind a feed store a little ways away. Will an agreement be reached before Agnes can have her revenge?

Termina Episode 8: Antiques Roadshow

While Irene was informing Chromiruhell about the current status of their investigation, Del, Theren, and Locke decided to meet with the other adventurers to regroup and resupply themselves. Locke had a run-in with his mother, Agnes, who said she was also on the trail of Snig the Axe, though her plans were to assassinate him rather than take him alive. She tried to convince her son to help her take on the job, and Locke tried to persuade her to help him capture the goblin, but in the end they found themselves at odds and in a race to find the wanted criminal. Krakkel, meanwhile, had a run-in with one of the black dragon’s court: the ghoul known as Rotbreath. After the conversation shifted from eating flesh to the on-going investigation, Rotbreath decided to leave, thinking that Krakkel was trying to squeeze her for information to give to Pahladiumhors. After regrouping, our heroes decided to sell off some of the loot they had found. Krakkel was able to determine the hot spots for selling their goods, and she chose to take all of the jewelry to the copper dragon’s district (though not until she had tried a short performance with Mervis wearing the fancy jester’s outfit they had acquired). Irene was able to sell off the armor and weapons they had taken from the goblins to Edward, the father of Quinn. Edward had just said his farewells to his beloved son, and asked Irene to keep an eye out for Quinn and to let him know that there were alternatives to following the code of the green dragon after seeing that Irene herself had worked against that stereotype. Del and Theren found themselves looking for a bag of holding to help them carry their growing bundle of loot, and they happened upon a strange creature in an alleyway of the brass dragon’s district that was offering one at an extremely low price. However, they still didn’t have enough money between them to afford it, so the two took to trying to steal something valuable from the local magic peddlers. Del kept distracting the sellers while Theren attempted to steal valuable goods from their tables, but their one successful attempt lead to the mage in question charming Del into following him after he had heard of her being with child. Theren confronted the mage, and after a brief skirmish had sent him teleporting away. The group is still looking to pad their wares to help them on the hunt for Snig, but will they be able to reach him in time?

Termina Episode 7: Law and Order

Though one duergar had evaded our brave heroes by turning himself invisible, Irene was cleverly able to blast him with the use of a burning hands spell, causing him to reveal himself as he was bleeding out. The group considered letting the dwarf live to obtain information from him, but they were quickly met with a request to kill the dwarf from an imp that had been hidden in the shadows beyond. The imp claimed it had a hold on the souls of the duergar and Snig the Axe, and tried to make arrangements to see them all killed in exchange for anything our adventurers’ hearts desired. All refused the devil’s offer, causing it to exit. They restored the duergar to life and questioned the motives of their kind and the goblins they had hired out. The dwarf explained that they were part of an underground resistance, trying to fight off supporters of the dragons and hopefully one day the dragons themselves in an attempt to overturn what they perceived as their tyranny over the land. Our heroes suggested that the dwarves find more peaceful means to gain followers, and as the dwarf exited he warned them to be wary of the treachery of the dragons. The group departed, Locke wishing to find Toby, and Krakkel seeing if Mok could still potentially lead them to Snig’s location. While searching in the marketplace, they ran into Agnes, Locke’s mother. She warned Locke that it appeared that his wolf companion had been taken by guards for processing in the judiciary district, and that on top of that there was a bird with a message for him at the window of his old room. With time passing quickly, Krakkel decided to let Mok the goblin go, rewarding him with a meaty snack for his help. The group set off to look for Toby, and Thuragozz spotted him being lead by warforged guards. The guards explained they were looking for a wolf-like creature who was Snig the Axe’s companion, and that they would have to make their case in court to prove that neither the animal or they were involved in Snig’s crime ring. They were tried before a gold dragon judge and a varied jury, and after Locke was able to prove his druidic bond with his animal companion they were allowed to go free. Most of the group then turned in for the night after the long, hard day, but Locke had other business to attend to. He found the message the bird had brought him was from his druid mentor, asking for help in the forest east of Dracopolis. Locke then decided to investigate the continued illness that was bothering Del by taking her to see the healer Irisvmartivir. The gold dragon’s champion quickly tended to Toby’s wounds, but seemed amiss as to what was wrong with Del. He finally took Locke aside and explained that Del’s sickness was nothing that could be magically cured, for she was with child. Locke explained this much to Del and Theren’s dismay as they turned in for the night. The next morning began with Irene informing Chromiruhell about the news they had learned of the underground rebellion against the dragons. With Snig still at large, our heroes must regroup, but what new strategy will they use to try and bring the goblin to justice?

Termina Episode 6: In Which Irene and Locke Say "Blaze It!"

Our fearless adventurers stood undaunted by the goblins they were beset upon, despite suffering their fare share of abuse. Eventually, our heroes whittled their numbers down to a single combatant. Krakkel cleverly decided to try and magically charm the goblin, making him think that they were his allies despite having just slaughtered his former partners in crime. The party had noticed that a goblin wielding a large axe, most likely Snig, had departed at the start of the battle, so Krakkel pressed the goblin she had charmed, Mok, for information (as well as his weapons…and made him wear Toby‘s dog collar to boot). Mok was unsure, but knew of some of Snig’s potential places to flee to. During the discussion, Del had become mysteriously ill with nausea. Theren insisted that it must be the sewers, but Del insisted that it was something else. Locke escorted them both back to his apartments while Thuragozz, Irene, and Gunter stockpiled the loot from the expedition. They reconvened with Krakkel, who convinced Mok to lead the party to the boss above Snig the Axe who was giving the goblins their orders. Mok led them into a hidden alleyway in the goblinoid ghetto which led down a dark cavern. Only Locke was able to see what lay ahead: more duergars, the same dwarves who had caused the attack during Armistice Day just yesterday! Before our heroes could think of a clever way to dissuade them, the dwarves attacked Mok’s apparent captors. Though they have killed one of the duergar, the other one has turned invisible. What will the party do now?

Termina Episode 5: Fingering Her Octopus (Without Consent)

After a long night of determining the location of the goblin hideout in the sewers of the slums, our group finally sought the long rest they deserved. After some of our heroes bought new supplies and took in some local culture, they all reconvened to share the information of what they had all found. It was not long before they all ventured into the sewers with the exception of Toby the wolf, who raised his hackles over having to go in. Our other intrepid adventurers stepped into the awful squalor, carefully navigating through the darkness until finding themselves beyond a pool of the putrid sewer water. Theren made use of his grappling hook to swing himself across, but unfortunately landed on a trap that alerted the goblins to the group’s presence. All others crossed and tried to explore the rooms beyond, finding another trap and some treasure. Now our heroes find themselves locked in combat with the goblin gang. Wounds have been suffered on both sides, but who will come out on top?


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